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iOSBNIZ is a port of IBNIZ by viznut to iPhone and iPad. This allows me to program little audiovisual hacks on my iPhone with minimal typing. IBNIZ features a VM with opcodes that are one character long, ideal for not hitting too many buttons. It also has a FORTH like stack which is a fun puzzle to play with. The VM calls the program for each pixel and pushes time, x, and y onto the stack. Your program uses these values to generate the visuals (and audio). You can also write a full program and ignore this loop as well.

iOSBNIZ is available on the Apple App Store. Download and have fun!

Source code is avaiable on Github

IOSBNIZ Features

  • IOSBNIZ features a keyboard which is tailored for the OPCODE structure of IBNIZ. Characters are grouped together by function.
  • Holding a button down on the keyboard will display some HELP to remind you what the opcode is.
  • It keeps your last program for fast restarting of hacks.
  • You swipe right to display your program without code and swipe left to bring the editor back.
  • Swiping left will display help.
  • Swiping left again will allow you to save and load programs.
  • Shake the phone to switch between swipe mode and “U” opcode mode. In U opcode mode your touch location is sent to the U opcode.